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Opera 9.10 (8643) Beta

🕛 07.11.2006, 11:39
Выпущена новая бета-версия популярного www-браузера Opera версии 9.10.

Список изменений:

- Source editor text "reload from cache" now reads "Apply changes"
- Fixed 100% CPU on google maps and some other pages
- Fixed an issue with opacity on links that have images nested in them
- Find in page now has colors that are easier to see, while also being configurable (opera:config#Colors|HighlightedBackground)
- Some fixes to Search in hotclick menu
- Removed "Open when download complete" from File type dialog (while we fix it..)
- Fixed accesskeys on pages with frames
- Several fixes to Fraud protection
- Fixed crash when changing file handler on UNIX
- Now also UNIX has its Mask as IE mask the platform as well
- A lot of memory leaks plugged and crashers removed
- Fixed problem finding nested IMAP mailboxes
- Fixed problem with Chinese and Korean text input

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