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Opera 9.0 (8359)

🕛 10.04.2006, 10:15
Новый тестовый выпуск девятой линейки браузера Opera.

Список изменений:

- Fixed widget crash in in 16-bit/24-bit resolutions
- Fixed crash caused by corrupted language files
- Fix crash when resetting a form with a fieldset inside
- Fixed bug with some archive files opened blank
- Fixed bug where width calculation of images in Java-Script doesn't work
- Fixed flash crasher
- Fixed Bit Torrent crash and leak when resuming a torrent with one file missing
- Fixed a couple of memory leaks
- Fixed SVG context menu
- Attempt to fix Widget Cache crasher
- Fixed memory leak in Bit Torrent
- Fix for a log-on problem that would occur with some IRC-servers (namely Freenode) when the user id entered in the account (typically the users e-mail address) contained a period (.)
- Fixed problem with viewing non quick mail headers
- Several finetunings in the MSI installer
- Improved Widgets handling on Win98/win95
- Fix for windows not loading on restart when widgets are open
- Changed default installation location

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