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Opera 9.0 (8303)

🕛 21.03.2006, 14:00
Выпущен новый тестовый выпуск популярного www-браузера Opera 9 с новым инсталлятором (msi).

Краткое описание: популярный браузер от норвежских разработчиков. Имеет собственное ядро, обладающее высокой скоростью. Удобный интерфейс, быстрая работа, множество разнообразных настроек на все случаи жизни. Является браузером с максимальным количеством функций и минимальным размером дистрибутива.

Список изменений:

- Tabbed browsing preferences have been moved to Preferences - Advanced - Tabs.
- Fix for Shift+Click text selection.
- Removed support for SGML comments in HTML. Comment parsing is now based on the Web Applications 1.0 draft.
- Fix to allow object tags with an empty data attribute to load plug-ins.
- Fix for loading PDF documents in a plug-in via the POST method.
- Implemented stepUp and stepDown for Web Forms 2.0 date inputs.
- Added support for Audio, as described in the Web Applications 1.0 draft.
- Images held only in memory using the Image() constructor now report the correct dimensions.
- Added support for controlling plug-ins with site specific preferences.
- Clicking a label for a checkbox now fires events for the associated input.
- Formchange event is now fired when contents of the form are changed.
- Several designMode improvements, including handling of queryCommandEnabled and queryCommandState, and converting multiple paragraphs into list items.
- Added support for dynamically generated script tags in SVG.
- Allowed animating of flood-color in SVG using animateColor.
- Fix for mouse events in widgets.
- Dragging a scrollbar in a widget no longer drags the widget.
- Fixed handling of :hover over block elements.
- Improved handling of whitespace around inline elements.
- Fixed aligning of fonts on buttons.
- Self closing tags no longer break layout.

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