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Seditio 100

🕛 06.03.2006, 01:15
3 марта, вышла новая бэта версия Seditio.

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Changes :

- Fixed (and removed) the special categories "all" and "system".
- Removed the [link] BBcodes from the Textboxer 2 (fix by Critical)
- Fixed the & nbsp in the forums home when there's no posts.
- Fixed the missing block for the downloads in page.tpl

To do :

- Checking the anti-hammer protection, it's quite agressive atm.

Beta build : 03-mar-2006 :

- Added an option to hide a group from the public viewing (SQL script).
- Swapped the sql_close and the buffer flush in footer.php (Topic #18262)
- Replaced some select boxes by radio buttons in the admin panel.
- Removed the upgrade tool from the default package.
- Fixed the "disable_..." typos in the search plugin (Topic #18235)
- Fixed many typos about "disable_..." in several files (Post #94560).
- Fixed the missing icons in the textboxer on the new installations.
- Fixed the timezone for guest not working (Topic #18145).
- Fixed the search plugin not displaying the categories.
- Fixed a bug with the sed_import() if the value filtered is zero.

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